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Our approach


The difference with our approach is in alleviating the underlying causes of the root problems, which are usually not where they seem to be. This in effect, acts as a catalyst that takes with it the surface behavior and therefore results.

Our approach is based on deep understanding of the most important part of any organization – people. Understanding their perception, learning styles, motivation and change is a direct effect of what happens on the surface and is then reflected in the success of the whole company on market level.

Synchro Logos Process

From an initial interview to the desired outcome


Defining the needs

Initial conversation



Designing the program

Tailor-made suiting your needs.

Program Implementation

Coaching & Education

Together with you we work on solutions


New Process Outcome

Support and follow up

The new process is implemented on the new level

 We act as the catalysts for the change based on deep observation of the state of your company and by providing feedback on it – objective and constructive.  We work to empower you into becoming self-directing, self-correcting and self-sustaining.



Synchro Logos approach enhances the effectiveness and productivity of a company, improves the working climate and culture, develops intrinsic motivation and leadership, improves communication within the teams and delivers results. These are all factors that in turn determine the economic value of a company.

In Synchro Logos  we don’t offer you on-time solutions, instead we support you to find the new perspective in which completely new solutions are available.


After going through the Synchro Logos Professional process, you may expect:

  • Achieving better quality relationships within your team’s positions
  • Focusing on the win-win solutions
  • Improved efficiency and productivity in work, with considerably less stress
  • Healthy working atmosphere and environment
  • Clear goal setting and easier goal achievement


Our support is based on coaching individuals, teams and groups, through the education and training in the fields of personal and professional competences, which are designed to meet the need of the client.


Our approach is:

  • Professional
  • Direct
  • Inclusive
  • Dedicated to you
  • Proactive
  • Solution-focused

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