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Our company



SYNCHRO LOGOS d.o.o., is a company specialized in business consulting, coaching and education.

Our vision

SYNCHRO LOGOS d.o.o. is an initiator of development and excellence in business, and a leader in creating quality standards in the system of education and support for entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to encourage quality in businesses and empower development of people and organizations through education therefore to encourage systemic positive change and the prosperity of the whole society.

Our service is for small and medium-sized enterprises which tend to improve at people and resource management, and want to breakthrough to the new level of performance.

Our team

Our team consists of coaches, trainers, facilitators and lecturers with international experience.

Maja Darija Škrljak
CEO Synchro Logos d.o.o., Human resources specialist, trainer and coach

Maja Darija is a human resources professional and a trainer with an international experience. She started to work with individuals and groups in 2008 as a trainer and coach withing the EU educational partnerships. In 2013 she started a company Synchro Logos and ever since she is supporting individuals, entrepreneurs and groups in accomplishing results in life and business.


  • Personal responsibility – everyone is responsible and capable to reach the results they want
  • Integrity and commitment – staying true to given word and keeping the agreements
  • Leadership – to inspire others into action by being an example