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You keep running into same challenges in communication and teamwork over and over again and your effectiveness as a team is compromised as a result?

You want to develop certain competences for your team?

You want your leaders to be proficient in working with people in the areas of motivation, stress management, or prioritizing?

Within the team there is often a need to develop the members to be able to function better among themselves and with their tasks. BUSINESS EDUCATION is on-day or multi-day comprehensive program on theoretical and practical skills for team and organizational effectiveness.



Business education helps your team to develop knowledge, gain skills, and practice until having mastered different interpersonal competences.



In business education we learn by experience, participants are not passive in receiving information, but active –co-creators, which ensures optimal and long-lasting learning takes place. The methods used are verbal presentations, reading, discussions and audio and video materials as well as different digital technologies, applications and web-based tools, depending on the program.



Self management skills

Self management skills




Mastery of emotions

Working styles

Prioritizing and organisation

Decision making


Interpersonal skills | Team skills

Interpersonal skills | Team skills

Communication skills

Team work and cooperation

Conflict resolution

Impact – Leadership – Inspiration

Presentation skills

First time manager

First time manager

Time and stress management

Leading meeting

Team management

Problem solving

Conflict management

Priority management and delegation

Giving and receiving feedback

Decision making

Senior Management Skills

Senior Management Skills

Situational Leadership

Inspirational Leadership

Coaching skills for Leaders

Strategical thinking

Formats and practical information

Our team of coaches is experienced in designing and delivering educational programs and per your request we can deliver the program specifically tailored to your needs, by content and format. The program includes the analysis, implementation, facilitation and later evaluation and follow-up.

Educational programs are organized in group context. Depending on the format, we create content, process and learning materials for all the phases of the implementation.

Duration and location depends on your needs and availability. It’s possible to organize the training in your space or our spaces. Time duration is flexible, so the four-day program can be delivered in the intensive two-day format if needed.

For more information please contact us here and together with you, we’ll design a program that best matches your needs.