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Human resources management

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‘‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, however all the parts contibute to the functioning of the whole. The best results are accomplished when the individual contributions are joined with common vision and the goal.  In order to reach it, It is needed to look in the individual expectations, advantages, disadvantages, needs, habits and working styles. Clarity in action as well as direct communication, leadership, clear roles and responsibilities, together with necessary skill set and information, enables organization to set up for the winning frequency.

Human Resources Management enables a systemic approach in planning, organizing and delivering the following activities in accordance to the strategic goals of the organization:

  • Analysis of the existing working positions
  • Analysis of the needs for the new positions
  • Defining a profile of the ideal candidate for a certain working position
  • Organization of work and defining the description of the working assignements
  • Selection process
  • Introducing the new employees to the company
  • Education and training of the employees
  • Career development
  • Productivity management
  • Meeting the legal demands
  • Change management
  • Relationships between the employees
  • Health and safety




 1. Initial conversations and assessment

In the initial phase the existing practices of human resource management are being defined.  Based on the output and the defined criteria, the strategy and HR plan is being made for the needs of that particular organization.

2. Implementation 

Consist of the activities defined by the previous analysis.

3. Follow Up 

The process is continued through follow up of the results, counselling and support.