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What if people in your organization would…

  • know the vision of the organization and their role in achieving it’s success?
  • be motivated to give their best without the fear of failure?
  • be free to contribute to the goals of the organization without worrying if they’ll get recognition for it?
  • take into account different opinions and ideas and address the others with respect?
  • be open to give and receive open feedback about their own work?
  • be able to really listen?
  • be ready to admit when they don’t know and therefore be open to learn?


SL QUEST™ Program  is a comprehensive transformation systemic coaching program meant for teams and organizations bound for achieving the next level quality in their work and outreach.

The complex working environment of today’s managers and leaders demands solutions which are beyond the usual tips, tricks or techniques. The complexity of the roles and ways of thinking demand a shift in our perspective and behavior. The new age requires more creative ways of thinking and acting in a seemingly known world.

This program is based on a transformational approach, which regards conversation as a fundamental base for creating and maintaining our relationships, both private and work-related. Our capacity to generate relationships and relate to each other is a result of ongoing interaction between our physical body states, emotions and ways in which we speak. The conversations that are taking place in certain working environment or team reflect the systemic patterns and agreements which in turn, determine which options are available and which are not.

As outside observers, transformational coaches are able to recognize the underlying conversational patterns in people or organizations. Through their interventions, the coaches help to bring to awareness these silent agreements and help the individuals and groups to construct their working atmosphere and culture that they wish.


SL QUEST™ transformational program is meant for those organizations that:

  • have identified difficulties in their everyday work in the form of non-working relationships, unclear roles and responsibilities, blaming the others, unclear vision and mission
  • are stagnating in their development, unable to reach the next level
  • want to break through to a new level of communication and action
  • want to create a successful and enjoyable working environment and culture
  • want to restore their ground values in their everyday work


The areas we focus on:

  • Leadership – proactive attitude
  • Development –  implementing the solutions and learning from every situation
  • Effectiveness – developing the necessary skills and competences



Our approach is completely focused on the needs of the client. During the initial interview we clarify the goals of cooperation and the criteria to asses if we achieved them. Agreements and planning is done in person, over the phone or e-mail and the implementation of the learning program in the working environment in real time.

1. Assessment

During several days we observe your team or organization in working in their everyday environment. Together with you, we determine the needs, learning goals and we design a tailored transformational program.

2. Transformational program

Intensive training for the team members aimed at increasing the capacity for constructive conversation and creating of a a common vision and the system for joint operation.

3. Skills training

Practical training for creating a working plan with the use of tools, techniques and strategies of successful management, and acquiring certain skill set.

4. Monitoring and implementing the on-the-spot solutions

Multi-week monitoring the progress of the organization with direct and open feedback focused on learning on-the-spot and implementing solutions.

Program is developed based on your needs and the content and duration depend on the agreed-upon goals of your team and organization.


  • Creating the organizational vision
  • Taking initiative and responsibility with the team
  • Increased quality of assessment process and decision making
  • Significantly increased competences in managing resources
  • The ability to positively affect the surroundings by mastering own commitment processes
  • Developing the system that works for everybody
  • Creating trust in the team and organization
  • Increased job satisfaction and reduced stress
  • Developing capacity for constructive conversation



To make possible for your team or organization to participate in this program, schedule and informative meeting with our coaches to understand better the results you can expect for them. For more information, contact us here.